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What is gps phone tracking?

Firstly, GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Originally it was designed to cover a military purpose, but now it is used widely as navigator, phone tracker, vehicle tracking, child tracker, pets locator etc.

How it works? The GPS satellites located in space, communicate signals with the gps receivers on earth. The gps receivers use those signals to determine the exact three dimensional position and also the precise time.

Currently there are 24 and more such gps satellites. They orbit and use the triangular method in order to know the location of the gps device. The system will, no matter the weather conditions, anytime, provide the position of the gps device. Such devices can be found in cell phones and mobile phones for tracking purposes. The gps receivers are commonly known as gps devices.

The gps tracking system is sometimes not 100% reliable. The signals may be blocked for different reasons, therefor the WAAS and DGPS was developed to improve and secure the accuracy of the position system.

So phone tracking is a great way to locate your lost phone, locate your child, keep track of your wife or man and navigate without that paper road map!

TomTom and Garmin are some famous gps brands for vehicle navigation. Iphone, lg, android, htc have now gps tracker apps that you can download online.